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Search Tips

Find Articles & More


Books can provide a very comprehensive view of a topic or person:

Find a Topic

Browse engineering and tech magazines, for example:

Library Resources


Searching for Opinion / Editorial

  • When searching newspaper sites and databases, check for an option to limit your search to the Opinion/Editorial section  
  • If there is no limiting option, try adding the word "editorial" to your search terms  

Search Specific Newspapers on the Web

Not an opinion piece, but an interesting read:

More from Henry Petroski, Duke University

Academic Search Complete or Business Source Complete

  • When searching for an article written about a person, use the Select a Field drop down menu and select People.
  • Be sure you have the correct spelling of the person, for example, if you used Steve instead of Steven, you would get 2 results rather than thousands of articles.


  • When searching for company information - it helps to select Company Entity.  Be sure you are using the correct name.



Style Guides - Recommended Resources

Additional Help

  • Cite Your Sources - Engineering Library.  Provides information on citation managers, style guides, prevent plagiarism, and more. 
  • UT Writing Center - The Undergraduate Writing Center provides individual, professional advice on all aspects of writing to UT undergraduates on a drop-in basis or by appointment.
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