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Foreign Language Learning & Education

Work on your foreign language skills inside and outside of the library with these resources.

UT Libraries Resources


UT Libraries holds an extensive collection of print materials for your foreign language learning needs. However, we do not carry language learning software, such as Rosetta Stone. You may be able to find these programs offered at the Austin Public Library.

Find Library Materials Using Subject Headings

Subject Headings are terms entered by librarians to organize materials by topic. If you are in the record of an item you want, click on a Subject to see more items that have been categorized using that heading.

If you know the Subject Heading you want to use, you can search for it in the catalog with an Advanced Search.

Search "[X] language" in Any Field and "[your subject heading]" in Subject.

The Subject search limits that term to Subject Headings. For example, if you are searching for Japanese dictionaries, do this advanced search:

Any field: ”Japanese language”


Try out these other Subject Headings to find items that will help you with your foreign language learning:

  • ”sound recordings for English speakers”
  • ”self-instruction”
  • ”conversation and phrase books”
  • ”textbooks for foreign speakers”
  • ”vocabulary”
  • ”grammar”
  • ”study and teaching”
  • "English speakers"

Browse Items Using Call Numbers

You might notice similar call numbers in your search results:

Call numbers organize books by topic, which makes it really easy to browse. So if you find something you like, be sure to see what’s around it in the stacks. You might see something else you can use! Check out the Find Books guide to get help locating your book.

If you want to browse foreign language dictionaries or literature, this guide will tell you what call number ranges to look at.

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