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Foreign Language Learning & Education

Work on your foreign language skills inside and outside of the library with these resources.

Online Resources

Online Resources to Practice Foreign Languages

Try out these mostly-free online resources for foreign language practice:

A fun, personalized, multi-media language learning tool and accompanying app. There are a number of languages you can start practicing for free. Connect with native speakers using Babbel-Community. Full access requires a paid subscription.
Need to practice your speaking and listening skills? Search for local meetups to find foreign language practice groups. Some are free, some require a small payment.

My Language Exchange
A language exchange allows two or more people who are learning a language to practice with each other. Find a native speaker pen pal or use the chat rooms to practice your foreign language while helping others learn. Use the provided activities to guide you.

Free membership allows you access to online interactive courses and lessons and the ability to connect with other members to practice.

Practice your translation skills while helping to translate the web.

Instant Replay
A free online collection of beginning-level language learning videos and lessons, created for K-12 students. Practice your listening skills with very basic vocabulary.
See how real classrooms are teaching foreign language skills. Videos, lesson plans, and reflection to help you with class planning.

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