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Summer Healthcare Experience in Cancer

Resources for the Summer Healthcare Experience in Cancer program in July 2019. Program is hosted by LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes for high school juniors and seniors women.



Welcome to the UT Libraries and Dell Medical School Library resources.

This guide contains links to a variety of cancer-related information resources.

  • The Books page includes links to specific introductory cancer ebooks, biomedical ebook collections, and medical reference ebooks  such as dictionaries.
  • The Articles page contains links to biomedical databases in which you can search for articles from a multitude of journals.
  • The Journals page contains titles and links to individual journals focused on cancer.
  • The Websites page contains links to the webpages of professional medical societies and government resources, such as the CDC.  You will also find links to cancer statistics.
  • The Health Disparities page contains links to websites, reports, books, and a collection of journal articles that focus on the topic of health disparities and, specifically, cancer health disparities.


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