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Biomedical Engineering

Conference Papers and Proceedings

Finding Conference Proceedings

Conference papers are valued for content that is the first report on research and may be the only report.  But sometimes conference proceedings are difficult to locate; they can be published as books, journal articles, abstracts, or not at all.  

How do I find out about conference papers?

Search your topic in the indexing tool for the topic; for engineering, these are good databases to consider.

Also note full-text society packages including:

How do I find full-text (or text) for conference papers?

  • Try searching the paper title in the Articles & More link on the library webpages.
  • Search in the library catalog for the conference name.
  • Google search can be effective in finding papers freely posted on the Internet.
  • If you found the citation in one of the library databases or in Google Scholar, be sure to try Find it @ UT.

If you do not find what you are looking for:

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