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UGS 303: Art, (Your) Money, and the Nation / Bonin-Rodriguez

Campus Art

Art on campus in fall 2020

The benefit to choosing work located on campus for your research is how accessible it is to you. It's also nice to walk to a place on campus, see something, write about your experience and then see where your questions about it take you in the research. We're all a little art-starved right now.

How to ask questions about a work of art for research purposes

  • What is your initial impression of what you are looking at?
  • What materials is it made of? Why do you think the creator chose those materials?
  • Who is the intended audience for this work? How do you know?
  • Is the work meant to persuade? To inform?
  • What questions do you have about the work?
  • Where do you think you should go to learn the answers to your questions? Who would know?

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