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HIS 378: Capstone Course for History Majors

Course guide for HIS 378: Capstone Course for History Majors, taught by Professor Laurie Green, Spring 2021

Primary Sources

Finding Newspapers

Finding digitized newspapers can be done a few ways. If you do not find it using this method, try using the main library search bar, or contacting the Ask a Librarian service.

Use the UT Libraries Journals search to find the Austin-American Statesman:

1) Click on the Journals link below the main search bar on the main UT Libraries homepage

2) Search for the publication (ex. Austin-American Statesman). Note the many different versions and years covered. 


3) Finding the right version is a game of trial and error. Scroll down to see if these editions include the years you want to access. Once you find it, click on the link for the collection under "View Online".

4) Log in with your UT EID & Password and begin your journey by searching the entire publication, search within the issue or browse by year:


Primary Source Databases By Themes

See more primary sources related to the history of African Americans and the African Diaspora on our U.S. History guide.

Also, see our many library research guides on Latinx Studies for additional resources and research help. 

Ask a Librarian

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Find Primary Sources by Type

See more primary source databases and browse by type (images, newspapers, personal papers, etc) on this section of our U.S. History guide.

Primary Sources Guide

Learn more about primary sources, what they are, and how to use them. 

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