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HIS 378: Capstone Course for History Majors

Course guide for HIS 378: Capstone Course for History Majors, taught by Professor Laurie Green, Spring 2021



This guide is intended to help students in HIS 378W: Capstone Course for History Majors navigate the many resources available for their class assignments.

Using the tabs to the left, you'll find links and explanations on four different types of research resources:

  • Background Info and Encyclopedias: Background information provides a general overview of a research topic, including important terms and concepts, relevant names of people or places, and dates of specific events. Finding background information can help you locate keywords for searching databases and identify more specific areas of your topic that you may want to research further.
  • Secondary Sources (includes scholarly journal articles): Databases with articles from journals, magazines, and other research publications. Includes general databases like Academic Search Complete and JSTOR and discipline-specific ones like America Historical Abstracts and LGBT Life.
  • Primary Sources by Topic: Digitized primary source collections from databases and external institutions. Find links to online collections of archival materials from collections based on themes determined from your course.

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