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UGS 302: African Cosmopolitanisms / Adelakun

Tips on citation

Cite your sources

  1. Get NoodleTools! It's free to you for your career at UT and it allows you to format  and store citations in Chicago, MLA or APA. You can also create notecards for your sources so that you can easily keep organized with quotations and paraphrases. Lastly, the outline function allows you to lay out the evidence you want to use in your paper and see clearly any evidence gaps you might have. It will also help you in any appointments with the Writing Center.
  2. Many databases and our library search tool have citations preformatted for you. Look around for an icon of quotation marks and the word Cite below your results.
  3. Elise can help if you get stuck! So can the Writing Center - we both have expertise in helping you get more comfortable with citations.

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