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Museum Studies

This guide is intended to support the Bridging Disciplines Museum Studies program.



This guide is intended to support researchers in the Bridging Disciplines Museum Studies program, though any learners are welcome..

 "The Museum Studies BDP offers students the opportunity to develop an understanding of how museums, archives, libraries, galleries, and related institutions function as sites of collecting, education, and research. Course offerings spanning a wide range of disciplines allow students to learn about contemporary museum practices and their historical development, and to acquire skills and knowledge relevant to their own specific areas of interest within Museum Studies. Some courses focus on objects, collections, and their preservation or conservation; others will help students to think about how museums serve their audiences and publics and how they preserve and shape the histories, heritage, and identity of cultures and societies"

Librarians at UT Austin have a number of helpful guides to supplement the information on this one.  Please also see:

Please do reach out and let me know if you have any questions, need help with your research, or would like us to acquire something specific.

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