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Design Guide

This guide will help you get started with design research. If you still have questions or don't see what you are looking for, feel free to ask for help! I am always happy to meet and discuss your research or assignment. 

Need a quick search?

Use the scoUT box to search for a keyword, book or article title, or author to see the scope of what we have at the library. Keep in mind that scoUT can yield a lot of results. One way to narrow your search is to use the different filters on the left hand side. 

*scoUT can be a good place to search if you are looking for an obscure designer or design practice. Especially if the library catalog is not yielding good results. 

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Browsing for Books at the Fine Arts Library

Use the call number ranges to help navigate the 5th floor stacks at the Fine Arts Library! Browsing is a great way to discover new ideas and learn about new artists & designers. 

Art-General (N)

Architecture (NA)

Sculpture (NB)

Drawing (NC)

Commercial Art (NC 997)

Painting (ND)

Prints, Graphic Arts (NE)     

Decorative Arts (NK)

Design History (NK 1100 - NK 1400)

Furniture (NK 1900 - NK 2750)

Art Theory (NX)

Photography (TR)

Industrial Design (TS)

Printing (Z 116 - Z 265)

Typography/Typesetting (Z 250 - Z251)





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