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Please Note!

UT Libraries has over 800 databases! These are just a few that you might find useful. To find more in your major/class, find your subject specific research guide here.

You can also browse all of our databases by title here.

Remember, reach out to a librarian if you have any questions!

Boolean Terms and Wild Cards

Use AND, OR, NOT to connect keywords/phrases.

  • AND tells the databases that you want both of your search terms
  • OR tells it that you want either search term
  • NOT tells if that you want one search term without any mention of the other

If you are getting stuck with your term, try using a wild card character

  • For most databases, replacing one of more letters with a * in your search term will pull up multiple versions of that term
  • For example, famil* will bring up family, families, familial
  • You only need to use one * to replace multiple letters

When using a search term with more than one word (e.g. "student success") put quotation marks around your phrase to tell the database that you want results with the full phrase, not just both words.

Keyword Brainstorming Tool

This keyword brainstorming tool will help you generate a good set of search terms.

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