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Indigenous Popular Materials & Resources



Welcome to the Indigenous Popular Materials & Research Resources LibGuide!

Use the tabs to the left to navigate through this LibGuide. Each tab will deal with a separate resource for research. 

Major topics include Literature, Music, Film & Television and Podcasts. Within Literature, you will find further breakdowns of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children's literature and graphic novels. For research assistance, please see the Native American and Indigenous Studies research guide

Top Resources for Native American Heritage Month

Research Tools

Key Terms

A user can find relevant articles with key search terms. A combination of the following will yield appropriate responses: “Native American” “Native” “Indigenous” “American Indian” or specific tribe names such as “Ojibwe” “Pequot” or others, and your research topic 

Boolean Operators

In addition to using keywords listed in the box above, Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) will assist you with finding sources.

AND: will return results containing both words entered in the search (Native American AND literature)

OR: will return results with either search term used; can be helpful when searching for synonyms or related terms (Native OR Indigenous)

Quotation marks will search the exact term ("Native American literature")

Parenthesis will help improve a search by allowing for multiple search filters: (Native American OR Indigenous OR American Indian) AND Literature

Truncation will widen a search with a wildcard symbol (*), so any variation of the root will be gathered (Photo* will return Photograph, Photographer, Photography, Photosynthesis, etc.)

Contact the liaison librarian to the Native American and Indigenous Studies program, Adriana Casarez ( for research help.

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The Indigenous Popular Materials & Resources LibGuide was created by Amarainie Marquez in 2022. 

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