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UGS 302: Caring for Older Adults, Prof. Temple


Sources Activity


Each table will be assigned a source. As a group, review it and answer the following questions. Use the information we just discussed and this guide for help. Be prepared to present your source and the answers to the questions to the class.


What are the qualifications of the authors? 

Was this reviewed by an editor or researchers before publication?

Who is the audience for this source? Who would read this?

What type of source is this - an encyclopedia article, newspaper article, magazine article, a review article from a scholarly/peer-reviewed journal or a research article fro a scholarly/peerreviewed journal?

Is this a primary, secondary or tertiary source?

Sources Review

Go to and type in  6321 672

I will show you information about 4 sources, one at a time, and you will answer 2 questions about each source using slido.

No pressure - its anonymous.

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