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Integrative Biology

This guide is designed to help researchers in integrative biology navigate library and information-related resources.

Meta-Analysis & Systematic Reviews

Meta-Analysis & Systematic Reviews

A systematic review is an increasingly common type of review which aims to look at all of the literature in the context of a specific question. It's also one of the first steps required in conducting a meta-analysis. There are specific methodologies that should be followed when conducting a systematic review process. Librarians at UT have created an interdisciplinary guide. The contents of this page are intended to supplement the content on the interdisciplinary guide. Some of the specific steps are listed below:

  • Developing a protocol
  • Determining inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Selecting databases
  • Running searches
  • Deduplicating results
  • Assessing quality

Librarians can be helpful allies in the process of running a systematic review. Please contact your librarian for a consultation regarding a systematic review process.

Interdisciplinary Systematic Review Guide

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