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Comics & Graphic Novels

Comic Reading Resources

Fan Page Reading Guides

I've collected a few beginner guides to reading comics and graphic novels. Each article gives suggestions on where to start reading and offer further resources with more specific guides (e.g. Marvel comics, Star Wars comics, etc.).

It can also be useful to google search "where to start reading [insert character name] comics" to find specific comic run or reading guides. There are a lot of fans out there who truly love comics and want to share them with others!

Assessing Online Sources

A note on assessing web sources. 

Not all websites are created equal! Anyone can make a webpage. For academic purposes, it is important to always consider the following when using the web as part of your research: 


  • who made the page? Are they an expert in the knowledge that is being presented? 


  •  is the information appropriate for your assignment/research? Consider things like language, age level. 


  • how old is the page? Is the information itself current? When was the page last updated? 


  • is there a bias to the point of view of the page? Is it hidden or overt? 


  • what is the purpose of the site? Does it inform, sell, persuade to an opinion?

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