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UT Libraries Welcome Week 2023

8/24: Islamic Art at the Foundry

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Color + Geometry in Islamic Art: A UTL 2023 Welcome Event

Fine Arts Library, Foundry

August 24, 2023

10 AM - 2 PM


Part math, part art: for centuries, artists in Muslim contexts have used geometry and mathematical principles to create stimulating patterns for architecture, textiles, manuscripts, ceramics, and paintings. Repeating and interlaced circles, squares, stars, and polygons come together to create mesmerizing designs. But how are these designs created? Where do you begin to try it out yourself?


Swing by the Fine Arts Library’s Foundry to play with 3D geometric models, craft your own geometric patterns, and grab some awesome coloring pages for those moments when you just want to zone out! We’ll have stamps with a number of beautiful designs that you can use on fabric or paper, and embroidery projects for any tees or textiles that you want to bring. You’ll be able to watch the progress of a 3D-printed Islamic sphere, too, and learn how you can use the Foundry to create your own masterpieces.


No prior knowledge or artistic skills are required. Please bring any fabric items that you wish to stamp or embroider. All other supplies will be provided.

Middle Eastern Studies Liaison Librarian & History Coordinator

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Dale J. Correa
Contact: Website

Visual Arts Liaison Librarian

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Tina Tran
Fine Arts Library
DFA 3.212

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