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MUS 213M: History of Music I / Dell'Antonio

General Search Tips

General Library Search Tips

  • Develop a list of keywords: Brainstorm a list of synonyms and related words to expand your search. 
  • Use double quotes: When searching with phrases, be sure to join them together by using double quotation marks.
    • For example "rhapsody in blue" or "appalachian spring"
  • Use truncation and wildcards:
    • Use an * at the end of a word to search for all forms of that word.  
      • For example: symphon*, sonat*
      • Just keep in mind that some common musical terms, especially when truncated, are common outside of music: organ* includes organism, organization, organic; opera* includes operation, operator
    • An * can also be used to replace a character in a word.
      • wom*n will search for women and woman
  • Use AND/OR/NOT: Boolean keyword searches link multiple search terms and return more efficient search results.
    • For example: brahms AND quartets AND henle
    • Use AND to narrow down your results. Use OR to expand your results.

Keyword Tool

Try this keyword brainstorming tool to help you generate search terms.

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