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UGS 303: Science and Equity - Guida

Note Taking and Synthesizing Sources

How can good note taking help your research?

Good note taking can help you remember where you read a certain idea and can help you make connections between different sources. When you're working in a group, good notes on your sources can help your group share information. Charts are nice ways to both keep track of the ideas in a source and can help you synthesize sources by showing where sources overlap and where they differ. 

MAKE SURE to note where you're quoting a source. Do not copy and paste into your notes unless you indicate that these are not your words (quotation marks or a different color, like red, is a good way to do this). Instead, when you're taking notes, try to read, understand what the author is saying, and record your understanding, without using the article's original words or phrases in your notes. 

Use the note taking templates below. Add more rows as you need them. 


Sample Note Taking and Synthesis Documents

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