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There are two primary ways to search for Spanish language materials in the UT Libraries catalog.

1. Start at the main search box on the Libraries homepage - enter your keywords and click search, and you will get results from all Libraries resources. On the results page, click the 'Everything' tab to the right of the search box and choose 'Library catalog', and then choose 'Advanced Search' to the right of that. On the right side of the advanced search screen, you will see the languages dropdown box - choose Spanish. This will ensure that all of your results are either in Spanish or are bilingual. NOTE: You can use English keywords as even books in Spanish will have descriptions in English.

2. You can search using Spanish keywords. This often works well, but remember that English Language books sometimes use Spanish words or phrases in the title or chapter titles, and if your keywords show up there, then the book will be included in your results.


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