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Youth Literature

Finding Books @ UT

Finding Children's & Young Adult Books

Search UT's Youth Collection by Topic or Author

From the UT Libraries' homepage, select the "Books & Media" link to enter the Library Catalog, From here, stay on the default "Keyword Serach" page and choose "Youth Collections" from the location menu. Now, your search results will be limited to items from our various collections of children's and young adult books.


Search for a Specific Book

From the UT Libraries' homepage, type the book title you are searching for in the search box. You'll find results across six different library resources. You may want to return to these results later but for now, click on Books & Media too see all of these results.

homepage search box


Understanding your Results 

After searching, you need to look for four details:

Screenshot of book entry in catalog highlighting four details1. Is this book in print or is it electronic (an ebook that you can access online)?

2. If this is in print, which library has it? Click on the link to find out more information about the location.

3. Is the book AVAILABLE? If not, there will be a due date.

4. Are you ready to check out? Write down the call number and click the location link to see where you can find it on the shelf. 


Books Beyond UT...

If you want to look beyond our collection to find books by author, genre, awards and more, these can be great places to start...


I really want this book, but it is checked out. Is there anything I can do?

Yes! If you would like to get a hold of a book that has been checked out, you can request the book. The library will then change the due date so that the current borrower has to return it earlier. To request a book, go to the library catalog, click the pick it up button, log in with your UT EID, and then request the book. You can learn more about this feature here.


I really want this book, but it is in a library across campus and I want it delivered. Is there anything I can do?

Yes! If the books isn't currently checked out, we're happy to deliver it to your library of choice. This service make take 2-5 days, so if you need the book right away, get some exercise and walk to check it out. When you find the book in the Library Catalog, click the pick it up button, log in with your UT EID, and then request the book. You can learn more about it here.


The book I need has a location called Reserves. Can I still use it? 

Yes, everyone is welcome to use books that are held on reserves, but they will have limited loan periods - typically 2 hours, 24 hours or 3 days. Just stop by the desk in the lobby of the library, and the staff there can help you find reserves the book you need.


I checked out a book, and I'd like to keep for another semester. What can I do?

If no one is waiting for this item, you can renew it! You can renew your book at any library location or online, through My Accounts. My Accounts can be found on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


I checked out a book, but I received a message saying it has been recalled. What does that mean?

A recall means that another person would also like to use the book you have checked out. Each checkout is granted a minimum of 2 weeks, after that, is someone requests the item you'll be notified that your due date has changed. Make sure to bring it back on time because fines for recalled books are higher than typical overdue fines.


I can't find the book that I need. What can I do?

If the UT Libraries doesn't have a book you need, you can request it through InterLibrary Loan. The service is free and unlimited. Click on the link below to create an account and request a loan. If you think the book should be added to our permanent collection, you can also make a purchase recommendation.


Pick it Up is a service that allows you to put books on hold. Your book will be retrieved from the shelf and be delivered to the UT library of your choice. It will take an estimated 3-5 days for your book to be retrieved. Keep this in mind as many bilingual and Spanish-language youth books are located in the Benson Latin American Collection and can be delivered to PCL. You are always welcome to stop by to browse the shelves and check out books in person too. 


Just want to browse? This call number guide can help you determine where to start. For example, you'll find books about American history in the section of books with call numbers that start with E.

  • D: World History
  • E: American History
  • G: Geography, Cultures, Sports
  • J and K: Government
  • M and N: Art & Music
  • P: Literature
  • Q: Math and Science


'Add to my lists' icon

Make your own literary playlist. When searching the catalog, you can add a book of interest to a list for future reference. Select a book and find the 'Add to My Lists' icon at the top of the UT Library catalog page. 

You will be prompted to sign in with your UT EID if not already logged in. Then create a new list or add to an existing one.


Keep tracking of things. You can always review your lists, renew books, or view your holds from the 'My Accounts' link on the UT Libraries homepage.

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