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PhD (Economics)

Dissertations, Publishing & Scholarly Research

Research Data Services
Supports UT faculty, students, and staff across all disciplines in the management of research data. They work with partners across campus to connect researchers with the appropriate tools, resources, and expertise for dealing with data at every stage, from the earliest planning phase, through dissemination and archiving.


Consultations available for:

  • Data Management Planning
  • Data Organization & Curation
  • Data Sharing & Publishing
Scholarly Communication Services
Provides resources and expertise surrounding the scholarly publication cycle – from initial stages of data management planning through the dissemination and archiving of scholarly works. 

Consultations available for:

  • Author Rights
  • Copyright Assistance
  • Open Scholarship


This is an online resource that aggregates and analyzes publisher open access policies from around the world and provides summaries of self-archiving permissions and conditions of rights given to authors on a journal-by-journal basis.

Funding Opportunity Resources - UT Austin

Policy Information

IES Policy Regarding Public Access to Research: The Institute of Education Sciences is committed to advancing education research through the sharing of publications and scientific data that emanate from funded research. This page provides an overview of expectations for providing public access to publications and data along with links to more detailed information regarding these requirements.


NIH Policy & Compliance:The information provided on this website is designed to assist the extramural community in understanding the compliance obligations of their grant award, and understand the proper use of grant fund.


NSF Policy Office in the Division of Institution and Award Support is responsible for developing, implementing and issuing proposal and award policy for the programs of the National Science Foundation and is available to assist you with questions involving policy related issues.

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