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Welcome to the University of Texas Libraries' GIS and Geospatial Data Services LibGuide homepage. This page provide links to all of the UT Libraries' GIS related resources so that everything is easy to find from this one, central starting point. If you find yourself frequently looking for geospatial information on this page or on any linked pages, you should consider adding a bookmark in your browser so that you can reach this page more easily the next time you need to return to it. In the left column menu you will find links to all GIS related LibGuides. If you have specific geospatial research questions you can set up a personalized research consultation by clicking the Email Me button and describing your particular research project. If you want to stay up to date about GIS relevant news on campus, visit to subscribe to the UT GIS user email list.

Upcoming Events

Recent Events
Research Computing Resource Info Share
Date: 3/24/2023 (Fri.)
Time: 10:00am - 12:00p.m.
Location: Zoom (Virtual Workshop)
From 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. on Friday, March 24, the UT Libraries, Information Technology Services, and the Texas Advanced Computing Center at University of Texas at Austin will hold a research computing resource info share. Select providers of research computing services will present their research computing services, how to access those services, along with the pricing structure for those services and any other pertinent details like storage timeframes, compute power, special features of their services for researchers. Two of our faculty and staff teams on active research computing projects will also share their experiences. The info share will be a hybrid event with a live session at the Perry-Castañeda Library in Learning Lab 1 and an accompanying virtual session that you can register to attend on the Zoom registration page.
Spring 2023 UT Libraries Geospatial Events
Facilitating Research Data Management with SQL and NoSQL Databases
Instructor: Michael Shensky
Date: 1/13/2023 (Fri.)
Time: 12:00 - 1:15p.m.
Location: Zoom (Virtual Workshop)
Recording: Watch in Zoom
Downloads: Presentation Slides
Downloads: Google Colab Script
Storing research data in a database can help researchers explore their data with queries, facilitate collaboration, improve data security, and ensure data integrity. This workshop will explore the differences between relational, graph, and document databases to showcase how researchers can make use of the functionality they offer for managing data. These database models will be explored through examples involving queries with SQL and Cypher, use of Google Colab and Python for managing databases, and data visualization with graphs.
Data Management Best Practices
Instructors: Meryl Brodsky &
Hannah Chapman Tripp
Date: 1/20/2023 (Fri.)
Time: 12:00 - 1:15p.m.
Location: Zoom (Virtual Workshop)
Recording: Watch in Zoom
Downloads: Presentation Slides
Learning and adopting a few good habits can go a long way in managing your data. In this introductory workshop on data management concepts, you will learn about the many resources available at UT to help manage your data as well as best practices and tips for managing data. This workshop will be a lecture with interactive components; come with your questions.
Intro to Tableau
Instructor: Andrea Cato
Date: 1/27/2023 (Fri.)
Time: 12:00 - 1:15p.m.
Location: Zoom (Virtual Workshop)
Recording: Watch in Zoom
Downloads: Tableau Dashboard
Tableau is a data visualization tool built around the philosophy that users should be able to build useful, beautiful charts quickly and easily. In this workshop we will cover how to connect to data, build several chart types, and publish dashboards to share. Before this session, please request and install a free student license for Tableau Desktop or download and install Tableau Public.

UTL GIS & Geospatial Data Services & Resources

UT Libraries GIS & Geospatial Data Services & Resources
Geospatial Research Reference and Consultations
If you have GIS or geospatial research questions you can email for assistance or click the "Schedule Appointment" button on the right side of this page to select a time to meet with a member of the UTL Research Data Services team to discuss your project in detail.
Workshops and Lectures
The UTL Research Data Services team regularly offers workshops on popular geospatial research topics and GIS workflows. If you would like a customized workshop for your research team, lab, center, or department or are interested in a GIS focused guest lecture for your class, please contact us.
You can find helpful GIS and geospatial research guides that have been custom developed for the UT campus community by browsing the guide list on the left side of this page where you will find them organized by subject.
Geospatial Data from UTL Collections
In 2019 the UT Libraries launched the Texas GeoData portal to expand access to geospatial data from its collections and allow researchers to more easily access geospatial data shared by other institutions. Visit the portal to find downloadable georeferenced maps and vector datasets that you can use in your research.

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