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ArcGIS Online is a cloud GIS platform developed by Esri - the same software developer behind ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, the ArcGIS Collector app, and other GIS software tools. This platform, which launched in 2012, now provides a robust and convenient solution for storing and sharing geospatial data online via downloadable datasets, published map services, and customizable interactive web maps that are easy to set up and control permissions to. Uploading and accessing content stored in ArcGIS Online can be accomplished using ArcGIS Pro which has an interface that is designed to make it easy to work with data stored in the cloud. ArcGIS Online is also conveniently integrated with Esri's Collector for ArcGIS app which is freely available for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. This integration makes it possible to collect geospatial data in the field using your phone or tablet and sync it up automatically to your ArcGIS Online account so that it is quickly backed up and also made available for you to easily access from a computer by logging into your account when your fieldwork is complete.
If ArcGIS Online sounds like it might be useful to you, follow the link below to read about how you can set up and manage your UT linked ArcGIS Online account. Please be aware that the process for creating new UT linked ArcGIS Online accounts was updated in January 2020 and the guide linked to below describes the new standard process for a creating an account. If you already have a UT linked ArcGIS Online account that was created prior to January 2020 you can continue to use your existing account or your can choose to create a new account that is tied to your UT EID credentials. Creating a new account will make managing your login credentials easier since all new accounts are tied to the account user's UT EID credentials but it will require that any existing content from your old account that you still wish to use be downloaded to your computer and then re-uploaded to the new account.

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