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UGS 303: Sleep, Are We Getting Enough? - Hensley

Find Sources

Search Strategy Document

Keywords & Where to Search


Combine key terms using AND and OR:​​

  • AND narrows your search by looking for articles with all of the words (your two or three key concepts should be connected with AND, because you need all of them represented in useful articles). 
  • OR broadens your search by looking for articles with any of the words (synonyms and related terms should be separated by OR - they get at the same key concepts, so any of them are useful).

Try different combinations of your keywords to get better results as you search.

Sample keywords

What impact does sleep have on academic achievement for undergraduate students?

Sleep  Academic Achievement Student group or population
Sleep Quality GPA Undergraduate students
Sleep Duration Grades adolescents
Insomnia   college students


For this assignment, you might need several types of sources:

Source Type Start Here

Scholarly Articles

  • present original research
  • written by experts
  • usually peer reviewed

Search library databases

  • Multidisciplinary - contain articles from many disciplines
  • Subject-Specific - contain articles more focused on one discipline (example: Psychology)

See suggested databases below.

Encyclopedia Articles/Background Information

  • overviews/accepted knowledge on a topic
  • usually short and easily readable
  • Good place to learn vocabulary 
  • Don't present original research like a scholarly article.

Search Gale eBooks (below)

Can also use Wikipedia or news/magazine articles for background information

Journalism/News Search Google News or the UT Libraries NexisUni database. Make sure to evaluate unfamiliar publications. 

Databases for this project


Databases for Scholarly Articles

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What are databases?

This video, from RMIT University, explains what a database is...

Where's the Article?

If you don’t see a .pdf of the article you want, click FIND IT AT UT to find it in another database or in print in the Libraries.

If it is only in print in the Libraries or we don’t own the article, click GET A SCAN to have the article emailed to you. This option will take a few days.

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