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Distribution and Zine Fests

Distribution Ideas

So you've made a zine... now what? It is up to you how widely you share your zine, but don't forget this crucial step!

  • Trade your zine with friends and other zinesters
  • Share a digital copies
  • Ask about stocking in a local book, record, or coffee shop.
  • Host a zine release party
  • Sell at a local zine fest

Copyright & Licenses

Something else to consider is how others may redistribute, build upon, or use your work. Check out these links for more information.

Zine Fests

Zine festivals are a great way to get involved with your local DIY community. Zines are typically sold or traded along with art and other media. Depending on the fest, other events will coincide such as workshops, speaker panels, readings, and more.

Local Fests

National Fests

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