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E-zines and Online Tools

Electric Zine Maker

The Electric Zine Maker is a printshop and art tool for making and printing zines. It is a tool meant to make zine creation simple. The Zine Maker is built with collaboration in mind. Art made in it can easily be imported and edited in other art applications. This tool includes a drawing interface with different options. It can also import images, size and place, and use any font that is installed to write text. There are also color adjustment tools, and tools for turning your art into glitch-art with many distortion options included.

Presently the Electric Zine Maker is in open beta. It can be downloaded for free and is a work in progress according to the developer, alienmelon.


Heyzine is a PDF to flipbook converter that is free for the first five flipbooks made with unlimited pages. It is an easily accessible source that can be used to create e-zines. Heyzine has no ads and is highly customizable with different page flip effects. Heyzine also has paid subscription options that include more storage and other features. Try out Heyzine with the link below.

Here is an example of an E-zine created on Heyzine that includes audio.

Some Zine Tools

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