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Patent Information for EE 364D Introduction To Engineering Design

Strategies for Searching Patents

When you are ready to explore the patent literature

What you already know and your motivation for searching the patent literature will guide your work:

  • By number.  With a patent number or patent application number, finding the document should be not too hard.  It should be just a matter of finding a database with the right content and matching the required format.  Espacenet is a good choice.  Doing a regular Google search with the title or patent number can also be successful.
  • Keyword searching is appropriate for exploratory work that can be less than comprehensive or as a strategic approach to classification searching.  Google Patents is a good place to do that. 
  • Classification searching is the formal approach to subject searching recommended by patent examiners.  Espacenet - Classification Search and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Seven Step Strategy both offer guidance on this approach.  Also, Google Patents: Advanced Search and Google Patents link to classification information. 

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