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Patent Information for EE 364D Introduction To Engineering Design

Keyword Searching

Exploring with keywords

For careful, thorough work in searching a subject in the patent literature, patent examiners advise classification searching.  But, keyword searching is an easy way to start exploring and, then, finding classification information to use for additional work.  

Google Patents and 

Google Patents - Advanced Search (with immediate helpful hints for keyword and more advanced searching at About Google Patents

both let you search in a familiar way.

Many sorting and filtering options are available for use. If you use Google Patents you may find them familiar as they are similar to Google Scholar.

Always be mindful that the keywords you assume should work might not actually work. Many patents use technical or obscure language to describe their designs. For example, the first iPhone patent was registered as "Electronic Device" (USD618677S1).

If working toward completing a thorough search, be sure to notice (this will be in the more complete display of the patent) the "Classifications" assigned to patents of interest.

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