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South Asian Cooperative Collection Development

Future Workshops

2024 Workshop

The fall 2024 SACOOP workshop will take place on Friday, November 1st, 2024. 

While we have asserted the continued importance of print in South Asia collections, many of us are facing local pressures to expand our e-book offerings.  Opportunities for acquiring e-books about South Asia are increasing, especially those published or distributed through multinational publishing companies (such as Taylor & Francis or Oxford) or distributed on aggregator platforms (such as EBSCO or ProQuest). At the same time, the landscape of e-book publishing in South Asia is rapidly changing, particularly in the area of sales to individuals (through Flipkart and Amazon, for example).  Beyond this, the open access publishing of e-books continues to grow while the discovery of such material remains thorny. 

In short, it is a complex ecosystem.  We all need to learn more.  This year’s SACOOP workshop will allow us to do so together.

Over the summer, workshop participants will have “homework” that will advance our collective understanding of the state of e-book publishing for South Asian Studies as it relates to U.S. based research libraries.

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