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Digital Projects Using Special Collections

Digital Projects Literacy

Digital Projects Learning Outcomes

Example: Public-Facing Digital Projects Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be introduced to copyright, fair use, and privacy.
  • Students will be able to communicate their research to a general audience. 

Example: Digital Projects Learning Outcomes 

These are examples of learning outcomes that can be used with digital projects. These are meant to be representative of the possibilities that instructors can pursue when designing learning outcomes for digital projects.

  • Students will design a website that utilizes accessibility standards.
  • Students will demonstrate fluency with a web technology through site design and development.
  • Students will locate and appropriately cite images.
  • Students will utilize principles of visual communication to convey a message to a specific audience.
  • Students will use written communication that is concise and appropriate for the target audience.
  • Students will categorize website content under broader thematic and conceptual umbrellas.
  • Students will critique the websites of classmates utilizing the agreed upon standards for site design.
  • Students will collaborate with classmates and utilize a project management approach.

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