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UGS 302: Politics, Language and Culture / Liu



Visit the US Census Data Portal and type the name of the city you are researching in the search box. Notice the options in the dropdown results. Look for the city you're interested in followed by the word Profile and chose that option. In this case, it is El Paso CCD, El Paso County, Texas Profile, but sometimes it will be a place name + "city" or "township" followed by Profile, for instance, "Boerne city, Texas Profile". 

first search on - el paso

The profile page is a snapshot view of the census data for an area.

El Paso CCD census snapshot

Scroll down to see a broad overview of the census data available. Look for information pertinent to your research. For instance, the Language Spoken at Home overview below. 

Language Spoken at Home census overview  

Note the red arrows! They are referring to the table of data informing this infographic and the exact survey that data came from. Follow the Table link (DP02) if you need more in-depth census data about the area. The Table will look like this:

People and Population table


It will be easier to customize your table if you use the Transpose Table button. Your table will look this after you click it:

census table after transposing

After you have switch the rows and columns you can more easily hide unnecessary data points. Just use the Hide button! Be sure to select the data that you want visible and unselect the data you would like hidden.

hide data

Your table will look something like this:

just the census data you want to view

Now you can look at the data you're interested more easily.


Unfortunately when you use the download option in this view it will download all of the fields that belong to this table; meaning everything you just hid will still be on your spreadsheet. You can delete columns in Excel or use the Advanced search to get more customization options before you download data. In this view, you CAN just select and copy the data you are looking at, but the saving options are limited.


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