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UGS 303: Politics, Language and Culture / Liu


What is this guide for?

You have multiple assignments for this class that require that you do research.

As the semester progresses, I may edit or add to this guide, so check back in if you are hitting a snag in your research.

For your effects essay, you need to discuss the implications for your hometown (or Austin, if you are not from Texas) if the United States were to adopt the language policies of each of these four cases (monolingualism, bilingualism, symmetrical
multilingualism, and asymmetrical multilingualism).

For each of the four effects, you must draw on data from the census, polls and newspapers, as well as interviews that you conduct. I have support for all of these areas to the left. If you need help outside of class, contact me.

Video for exploring census data

You can minimize or search the captions, you can watch the video at a higher speed to make me talk faster, you can watch full screen or in a Panopto player...I recorded this in 2020 - it is mostly up to date (the interface changed slightly, but not too bad), except it mentions that 2020 was a census year - now that it's 2023, the census is over!

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