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UGS 302: Politics, Language and Culture / Liu

About collecting data

Questions to ask when evaluating data

Online Resources

These online resources are additional sources of census data or are complementary to the information presented in the census.

Citing Government Documents

This tab will show you how to cite government information in the major style guides.

All government agency names should be cited as they were at time the document was published. If the name of the agency changes over time, do not change the name of the agency to reflect it's present name, if it was different when your document was published.

APA (American Psychological Association):

 In-Text Citation:

(Author Surname OR Name of Government Organization, Year)

 Full Citation of a Print Document:

Author Surname, First Initial. Second Initial. OR Government Name. Name of Government Agency. (Year). Title: Subtitle (Report No. xxx [if available])Place of Publication: Publisher.

  • More helpful tips and examples can be found here.


MLA (Modern Language Association):

In-Text Citation:

(Title of Document, page #)

Full Citation of a Print Document:

Title of Document: Subtitle if Given. Edition if given and is not first edition, Name of Government Department, Agency or Committee, Publication Date.

  • More helpful tips and examples can be found here.


In-Text Citation:

Note Format

Note #. Name of Government & Issuing Agency, Title of Publication, Author(s) First-name Last-name. Publication/Report Number, Place of Publication: Publisher, Year.

Short Note Format

Note #. Name of Issuing Agency, Title of Publication.

Full Citation of a Print Document:

Name of Government & Issuing Agency. Title of Publication. Author(s) First-name Last-name. Publication/Report Number. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year.

  • More helpful tips and examples can be found here.

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