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Climate Science

Books & OER

Finding Books & OER

Books are useful for introductory and  background information, and serve as in-depth reviews of then-current knowledge.  They don't report new research, however.  "Books" is a generic term that can include textbooks, monographs, edited collections, government documents and reports, or conference proceedings. 

Open Educational Resources (OER) are freely available textbooks and learning materials.

Reference Books

While reference works can become outdated quickly, they are good places to get authoritative background information on unfamiliar topics.

UT Libraries

The current technical literature on this topic is largely found online in peer-reviewed journals and e-books provided by the Libraries.

Physical collections (mostly books and historical print journals) in this subject area are distributed across multiple branches, including the Walter Geology Library (JGB), the Perry Castañeda Library (PCL), the PMA Library (PMA), the Engineering Library (EER), the Life Science Library (MAI), and the Marine Science Library in Port Aransas.  Check the Library Catalog for information on holdings, availability, and locations of specific materials both online and in hardcopy.

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