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Health Humanities

This guide is designed to support the growing interdisciplinary field of health humanities and related topics. It includes links to relevant books, scholarly journals, library databases, and other resources.

Finding Articles

Brainstorm Your Search

To formulate a search strategy, ask yourself:

  • What kind of information do I need on my topic?
  • Who would write about it?
  • Where would those articles be published?

For example:

What you need: Who would write it: Where it would be published:
research findings on treatments of college women with eating disorders Psychologists, health/medical researchers Scholarly journals on psychology or health
Personal stories from women who have suffered form eating disorders Journalists Popular women's magazines or news magazines

Finding Articles

Search the article databases below by keywords such as (medical or medicine or health or illness) and other terms such as: ethics, art, communication, professionalism, history, narrative, literature, and social media (to name a few). Another way to search is to name a specific illness or condition, such as breast cancer and narratives to find materials related to that combination. You can even search medical humanities for articles on that very broad topic.


Use this tool to turn your topic into keywords and search terms.


When searching PubMed or MEDLINE, it may be helpful to use Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) to find relevant articles.

Article Databases

Interlibrary Loan

PubMed Tutorials and Guides

PubMed has recently updated its platform and is currently running both the new and legacy platforms before making the final transition in Spring 2020.

New PubMed

National Library of Medicine. Online Training

Old PubMed

National Library of Medicine. PubMed Tutorial

PubMed Help: NCBI Help Manual

Looking for Journals?

Interested in browsing the latest issue of a specific journal? Want recommendations for top journals in the field?

See the "Finding Journals" tab on this guide!

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