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Health Humanities

This guide is designed to support the growing interdisciplinary field of health humanities and related topics. It includes links to relevant books, scholarly journals, library databases, and other resources.



The growing transdisciplinary field of Health Humanities (HH) explores and promotes relationships among the arts and humanities on the one hand and health and health care on the other. The methods and substance of the arts, humanities, and humanistic social sciences have the power to transform health care for all by enhancing human connections, deepening the capacity for empathy, and improving our understanding of the cultural and social contexts in which health, illness, and care occur. At the same time, focusing on health and health care reinvigorates and reveals new relevance for humanistic scholarship and teaching in a society increasingly dominated by STEM fields.

Definition from the Humanities Institute

About this guide

This guide provides links to library resources relevant to the Health Humanities, along with instructions on how to use them. If you have questions about research in this field, please contact a librarian (see contact information to the right). 


Because Health Humanities is interdisciplinary, several librarians are available to provide research help via email or in-person consultations.

Imelda Vetter

Health Sciences Librarian for the Dell Medical School

Gina Bastone

Humanities Librarian for English Literature and Women's & Gender Studies

Ian Goodale

Humanities Librarian for European Studies

Meryl Brodsky

Social Sciences Librarian for Communication & Information Science

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