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Persistent Identifiers

UT Austin DOI resources

UT Austin DOI resources

UT Austin has a membership to DataCite which allows us to assign and maintain DOIs. UT Austin faculty, staff, and students who use Texas ScholarWorks (TSW) or Texas Data Repository (TDR) will automatically receive a DOI upon submission of a new item.

If you are not using TSW or TDR, it may still be possible to get a DOI if you are using UT Austin resources to share the digital object (like a page). DOIs are only as good as the ongoing maintenance provided to them. If the location of the object changes, that new URL must be updated in the DOI system. For that reason, we will evaluate any DOI requests not involving TSW and TDR to determine if ongoing maintenance of that DOI is feasible.

This service is sponsored by UT Libraries and Office of the VP for Research, and provided free of charge to UT Austin faculty, staff, and students. 

Any questions about DOI creation should be directed to Colleen Lyon,

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