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UGS 302: Who Owns the Past - Covey


In-Class Activities

Sample sources

To do on your own: Read the abstract of source 1, and scroll through the rest of it to notice important characteristics. Look at the information about the source on this page. Think about what kind of source this is, and what you could learn from it if your topic were the Parthenon Marbles. We'll chat about this one all together. 

To do on your own: Open your source and skim it for a couple of minutes - you won't be able to read it in its entirety, but try to get an idea of what kind of source you're looking at. Use Google if you need to to help you find out more about the source. Notice the structure of the source and any characteristics about the source that you want to discuss with your group.

Then, talk about the following at your table (be ready to present your source to the larger group):

  1. All of the sources have some relation to the Parthenon Marbles. Does the author have a (possible) perspective on this topic?
  2. What would you call your source (or what type of source is it)? 
  3. How could this source be useful to if you were researching this topic? What could you learn from this type of source more generally?

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