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Who Can Access WRDS ?

Only University of Texas at Austin faculty, PhD and Master's students can request an individual WRDS account.

  • Undergraduate students have access through a class account set up by the instructor.
  • Alumni, visitors and ” Courtesy Borrowers" will not have access to WRDS.
  • Review the "Account Types" below carefully before requesting an account.
Review account types carefully before requesting an account. All questions about access to Wharton Research Data Services at the University of Texas at Austin should be forwarded to the WRDS administrator: 

Account Type

Access Level





Class Accounts

One account for the whole class.

Class Size Limit = 45

Requested by instructor of a class currently listed by the Office of Registrar. Class accounts are active for one semester and cannot begin before or be extended beyond the semester.

End of semester


Individual account

Expires after 5 years; renewable

Terminates with end of employment.

Master's Students

Individual account

Duration 2 years; no summer access

Terminates with graduation

PhD Students

Individual account

Duration 2 years; renewable

Terminates with graduation.

Research Assistant


Graduate (Summer Only)

Individual account

Requested by faculty only, subject to approval.

Expires at the end of the semester when the account was approved.

Visiting Faculty or Scholar

Individual account

Subject to approval by department.

Expires when appointment ends.

Use the following link to register for an account. The register button is located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.



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