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Digital Scholars in Practice Series

About the DSIP Series

The Digital Scholars in Practice Series (DSIP) highlights the work of scholars conducting research through digital technologies, conducting research on digital technologies, and critically examining digital technologies in practice. Through informal presentations and engaged discussions, the series seeks to celebrate innovative scholarship while simultaneously building a community of practice of digital scholars on a local and national scale.

Digital Scholarship Support at UTL

Read, Hot and Digitized

Read, hot & digitized: Librarians and the digital scholarship they love — In this series, librarians from the UT Libraries Arts, Humanities and Global Studies Engagement Team briefly present, explore and critique existing examples of digital scholarship to inspire critical reflection of, and future creative contributions to, the growing fields of digital scholarship.

Questions about DSIP?

The DSIP Series is coordinated by the Arts, Humanities, and Global Studies Engagement Team at UT Libraries.  If you're interested in presenting in the series or have questions, please contact us.

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