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Open Educational Resources

Finding OER

Open Image & Media Collections

Need images and other media to include in your own OER, presentations, publications, and more? Search the repositories below for access to millions of objects that can be used freely with proper attribution. 

OER Repositories

In these repositories, you can find OER created by others and ready for your use or adaptation, including textbooks, lesson plans, syllabi, videos, images, and more. Browse these repositories by subject or search for materials using relevant keywords. 

Repository Pros Cons
OER Commons
  • One of the largest OER repositories
  • Covers multiple disciplines
  • Allows for sorting by education level, reuse options, and by standard
  • Rating system is a bit unclear
  • New OER repository from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
  • Covers multiple disciplines
  • Allows for sorting by education level, reuse options, and by standard
  • Covers most of the same resources as OER Commons since the platform is shared
  • Rating system is a bit unclear
  • High quality textbooks for introductory level college courses
  • Little content for upper level courses
  • Not much coverage in the humanities
Open Textbook Library
  • Large collection of textbooks with published peer reviews by professors
  • Includes some upper level/graduate textbooks
  • Easy to use interface
  • As the name suggests, the content is limited to textbooks
  • Lots of filtering and limiting options when searching
  • Wide range of disciplines represented
  • Wide variety of material types
  • Search interface is a bit clunky
  • Searches content from over 60 different sources, you can sort by license type and type of resource.
  • Can't sort by education level
OER Metafinder
  • Simultaneously searches multiple repositories, could give you good ideas of other repositories to look in
  • Search interface is difficult to use
  • Search results sometimes take you to the main page of different repository and then you have to redo your search
  • Not easy to determine licenses for items


Discipline-Specific Repositories

These repositories are spaces that allow you to submit your own OER through mediated or unmediated means. 


Social Sciences


Looking for supplemental materials?

If you're interested in finding open materials that might be relevant to a text you're teaching, try using MERLOT II's ISBN search function. Just input the ISBN of the text you're currently using to see what materials could be supplemental. 

How can the Libraries help?

Librarians can help you find OER suited to your course needs. We'll consult with you to understand your learning objectives, current course materials, and student needs to inform our search together. 

You can fill out this form to initiate a request for reviews of existing free and affordable course materials. 

Discipline-Specific OER

Many other libraries have curated lists and guides to existing discipline-specific OER. We invite you to review those below -- or, better yet, just ask us for help finding what you need! Librarians can compile guides to OER customized to your course. 

Open Syllabus Banks

Want to find an openly licensed syllabus or share your own? The OER repositories on the left accept syllabi and are a great place to find them. There are also a few discipline-specific syllabus banks that might be relevant to your course:

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