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Scholarly Articles

Why Should I Seek Out Scholarly Articles?

Scholarly articles are the lifeblood of academia. Your professors and other researchers spend a great deal of their time researching, writing, and publishing them. Because of a process called peer review, scholarly articles are arguably the pinnacle of academic literature. In the peer review process, before an article can be published it must be critiqued by a number of other researchers in that field. These anonymous reviewers send their notes to the author(s) (via the publisher), and the author(s) must keep reworking the article until it has been deemed satisfactory by the reviewers.

  • All scholarly articles contain references, either as footnotes, endnotes, or a works cited page.
  • Researchers typically write scholarly articles in order to report on their work. As such, they typically operate as interpretations of different issues. Other researchers may write responses in which they offer a different interpretation or present new evidence. Academia is a conversation.
  • You can access scholarly articles through the library website, databases (accessible via UT Libraries), Google Scholar, or open access websites.

Recommended Databases

UT Libraries has over 800 databases. The following databases are recommended for your class. However, you are welcome to use other databases if you prefer.

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