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UGS 302: How to Change the World (Padilla)

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Go Explore!

The UT Libraries should be your first place to go when you need to conduct research, but did you know we offer other cool resources like movie streaming services? Take a moment and explore the options! Who knows? You might discover a new passion.

Want to Share What You Discover?

It is great to explore new interests in the quiet of your own home or dorm room, but sometimes you want to share with others. Here are some possible ways to collaborate with others or send your thoughts out into the world.

Austin Public Library

UT Libraries is not the only library system in town! The Austin Public Library (APL) has a wonderful collection both online and in print. If you are looking for a "fun" book to read, they are your best bet! They also have access to streaming services like Kanopy and Electric Lady Bird.

APL is free to all Austin residents. Not in Austin? See what your local library has to offer!

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