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Interlibrary Loan

Information about and instructions for using Interlibrary Loan. Interlibrary Loan is a free service that allows you to borrow items (books, articles, book chapters, DVDs, and more) from other libraries around the world if UT does not own the item.

Account/Access Electronic Items

Access Your Account

In your account, you can find information about the items you currently have checked out, items you have requested, your request history, and your electronically received items. You can also change your personal information, make new requests, and view your email notifications. 

Click here to access your account

Once you are in your account, you have several options. You can select view and view all of your outstanding request, electronically delivered requests, checked out items, cancelled requests, and notifications.

You can also change your user information, such as your address, email. or phone number.


This is also where you will access any items delivered electronically. Remember, your item will disappear after 30 days, so be sure to save your article to your local computer.

You will receive an email, like the one below, when you have an electronic delivery. Click the link in the email to access your account and retrieve the article.

You can also access the article by going to your account, going to View then clicking Electronically Received Articles to access these items. To view your item, click the link under the View column.

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