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Books, News Updates, & Research Papers

Using Databases to Find News Articles and Research Papers

Whether you are after one good paper or need a comprehensive search of the literature, we recommend using library tools designed to help with the search.  

Finding the right database(s) for searching:

  • Our Database list has sorting options to allow selections by subject, type of database, and publisher.  
  • Indexes is the database type for finding both the tools that index the research literature and less technical articles but it is a big set unless narrowed by subject.

databases a-z


  • The Guides by Subject list lets you see databases recommended by library subject specialists.

These databases are good choices for help in finding articles on entrepreneurial topics:


For more on selecting databases and for tips on searching, see Library Databases for Finding Journal Articles -- including information on finding non-research articles.

Finding Books at UT

  1. Use the library catalog to find books in the collections of the UT Libraries.

  2. Keyword searching is the default but searches can be focused by selecting other options, including a specific author search or limiting by date or location.

  3. Most of us like keyword searching since it lets us use the words we know.  Especially if you aren't seeing results of the kind you want, be sure to try other words and approaches.  Google Books (see the sidebar) can help.

  4. Subject headings, when provided, can help you move from one good book to other, related books.   E-books often lack subject headings but the structure of the headings can still give inspiration.  Some examples: "Organizational change," "Government spending policy," "Urban ecology (sociology)," "State transportation agencies -- Management," Local transit -- Ridership.


Can’t find the book you wanted?

  1. Request a copy thru InterLibrary Services (ILS) - ILS can obtain books, article scans, and other material not owned by the UT-Austin Libraries

  2. Use the Suggest a Purchase form to request that a copy of the book be added to the library collection.  


Plus, we've got a whole guide on the topic of using the catalog to find books.

Find It @ UT

If you see an offer to "Find it at UT" or otherwise find text, be sure to follow the link.

Finding a Journal, Magazine, or Newspaper

If you want to read articles from a particular serial -- journal, magazine, newspaper, or news source -- to find that title, go to the Journals search.

Google Books

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