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Integrative Biology

This guide is designed to help researchers in integrative biology navigate library and information-related resources.

Configure Tools for Access

Check UT Libraries Bookmark

Need to check if UT Libraries subscribes to a journal? Add the Check UT Libraries Bookmark to quickly redirect your browser to access from UT Libraries.

Add Tool

  1. Follow your browser's menu options for creating a bookmark on your bookmark bar. 
  2. Set the bookmark URL or destination to: javascript:void(location.href=""+location.href)
  3. Set the bookmark name to: Check UT Libraries

Use Tool

  1. When browsing the web and you encounter a paywalled journal article, click on your Check UT Libraries bookmark.
  2. The browser should redirect and allow access if UT Libraries subscribes to the content. If UT Libraries does not subscribe, you will still see a paywall.


This bookmark requires specific browser settings to operate as intended. Make sure your browser is configured to:

  • Allow third-party cookies
  • Allow pop-ups
  • Accept javascript

The tool works better on some browsers than others. Some restrictions to note are:

  • Mac users:
    • Chrome will not allow the bookmark to operate if you are running some operating systems (e.g. High Sierra, Mojave)
    • For other operating systems with Chrome, add the EZproxy extension to allow the bookmark to function
    • Safari works more consistently than Chrome

Note that the proxy prefix is already included in links from the UT Libraries site, like the Databases A-Z or the Library Search. 

Configure PubMed & UT Connection

Configure your My NCBI account to include the "Find it @UT" button when looking at item records.

  1. Go to the sign-up page.
  2. Sign up using the University of Texas, Google, or ORCiD login credentials.
  3. Select NCBI Site Preferences
  4. Under PubMed Preferences, select Outside Tool
  5. Select F and scroll down to select Find it@UT
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and SAVE

Configure Google Scholar to feature "Find It @UT"

Google Scholar - Customized Settings

Set your Google account preferences to look for the full text of your Google Scholar results through the UT Libraries any time you're signed in. Click the link and then save.

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