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Integrative Biology

This guide is designed to help researchers in integrative biology navigate library and information-related resources.

Data Management Planning

What is a data management plan?

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a formal document outlining how you will handle data during your research project and after the project is complete.

  • Data management addresses the entire lifecycle of your data--from creation to organization, access, storage, preservation, and distribution.
  • Managing your research data ensures that it will be accessible and usable over time.
  • Managing your data is a key step to avoiding false claims, and to not losing your information.
  • A data management plan may be required by a grant funding agency, plus it's a good idea to organize your data for you, your labmates, and colleagues.

Common Funder Requirements

The National Science Foundation has a data management plan requirement in place. The NSF began the requirement in 2011 and has since made updates and clarifications to the requirements. Most recently it has updated the guidelines to comply with the Nelsom Memo (2022).

PAPPG 19 includes details under chapter IX.2.4

Highlights of NSF Requirement:

  • No more than 2 pages
  • Label "Data Management Plan"
  • Part of the merit review
  • Outline a plan to make your publication associated data public

New Requirements take effect on January 25, 2023.

This new requirement will mandate a Data Management & Sharing Plan (DMS Plan) for grants regardless of funding threshold.

New Data Sharing Website

Elements of the Data Management & Sharing Plan are:

  • Data type
  • Related tools, software & code
  • Standards defined by the community that will be used (metadata)
  • Data preservation, access & timelines
  • Access, distribution & resuse considerations
  • Oversight of the plan

Get Help!

The library is happy to provide assistance with data management plans. Please book a time with me or email me to discuss your data management plan.

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