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Marine Science

Books & Dissertations

Finding & Accessing Books

Start at the Library Catalog to find books help by UT Libraries and the Marine Science Library.

If you need assistance, visit our Search Help pages, or Ask A Librarian!

Our eBooks can be found by title or keyword searching in the Library Catalog. We buy eBooks from many important science publishers, and you can also go directly to their eBook platforms and packages...

To find books that are a good match for your interests, Google Books is often a good place to start. If Google Books doesn't allow access to the full text, then check the Library Catalog to see if we own a copy.

Google Books searches through the full-text of millions of books, so it can locate texts using very specific terms, while library catalogs generally search in titles a subject headings. So... the Library Catalog is helpful in finding books that are clearly about marine geochemistry, while Google Books can tell you which one specifically address geochemistry, acidification and estuaries.

MSI-based library users should use the Interlibrary Loan account/form to request materials not part of the physical collections at MSI. This includes UT Libraries items held in Austin and things we would borrow from another institution.

1) Log in to your Interlibrary Loan account.

2) Click the "Change User Information" link in the top menu. Choose the  "Remote Delivery" from the drop-down menu in the Location Status field and add your work or personal address (whichever you prefer to be your delivery point). You'll only need to set this up the first time!

3) Click the "Article" or "Book" link at the top, depending on the resource you need, and complete the form. Articles will be delivered by PDF. Books will come by mail with a postage-paid return envelope.

For more information about this service, see: Remote Delivery for Off-Campus Users 

Materials in the Marine Science Library are owned and managed by the Department of Marine Sciences.

MSI library materials are discoverable in the Library Catalog and are available for use by the Marine Science Institute community in Port Aransas, Texas.

Austin-based users who need an item from the MSI library should complete an Interlibrary Loan request for those items.

Theses & Dissertations

Dissertations can be tricky to find because they are archived on so many difference platforms, but these are two great places to start. For Google Scholar, try adding "dissertation" to your search terms.

To find theses and dissertations from UT Austin, search in our Library Catalog for older materials that may still be held in print, and search or browse in Texas ScholarWorks to find electronic copies.

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