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Middle Eastern Studies

Digital Scholarship

Digital Scholarship in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Islamic Digital Humanities and Middle Eastern Studies digital scholarship are nascent fields, with exciting developments coming out regularly. Here are a few projects and scholars to keep an eye on, if you are interested in digital scholarship in these areas.


  • Middle East Studies Association Guidelines for Evaluating Digital Scholarship for the Purpose of Hiring, Tenure & Promotion
  • The Digital Orientalist: Eric van Lit is a specialist in Islamic intellectual history from the late-medieval to early-modern periods, and he keeps the Digital Orientalist blog on digital tools and developments relevant to Islamic Studies scholarship.
  • Al-Raqmiyyāt: Maxim Romanov is a scholar of Islamic historical texts using computational methods.
  • OpenITI: The Open Islamicate Texts Initiative (OpenITI) is a multi-institutional effort to construct the first machine-actionable scholarly corpus of premodern Islamicate texts.
  • KITAB: Knowledge, Information Technology, and the Arabic Book is a project to study the formation and development of the written Arabic tradition with digital methods.
  • Persian Digital Library (PDL): A Roshan Institute for Persian Studies project to produce the first machine-actionable premodern Persian corpus.
  • Istanbul Urban Database: Istanbul Urban Database (IUDB) is an interactive sustainable web mapping application for research and the public. IUDB blends a wide range of historical data, and is the most comprehensive online archive of Istanbul’s urban history. The project aims to preserve collective memory, and architectural and urban heritage of Istanbul in an open-access multimedia platform.


At UT Austin:

Digital Tools and Educational Resources

#dariahTeach: An open source, multilingual, community-driven platform for high quality teaching and training materials for the digital arts and humanities.

Scalar: Born-digital, open source, media-rich scholarly publishing.

Northwestern University Knight Lab: A suite of storytelling tools, such as TimelineJS and JuxtaposeJS.

StoryMaps (powered by ArcGIS): Combine maps with text, images, and multimedia content.

Kumu: A network visualization tool.

OpenITI mARkdown: A light-weight tagging scheme that renders premodern and early modern Islamicate texts machine readable and can be adapted to specific research tasks.

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